Sean Glaze Gets your People to Laugh, Think, and Grow Together!

You want every individual in your organization to be a great teammate and to claim ownership of results – to lead from where they are.

If your staff needs to create stronger bonds of trust, improve communication, or increase collaboration you have found the answer…

Experienced at facilitating fun events that connect your people to shared goals – and to their teammates – Sean is an entertaining speaker and team building facilitator who inspires your people to be better teammates, to become more aware of strengths and roles, or just to have fun and laugh together…

You will enjoy the engaging examples, activities, and stories Sean has gained while working with a variety of teams – as a lifeguard, a bartender, and even a car salesman. But it is his experiences as a successful high school basketball coach that offer many of the lessons that your organization will translate into actionable insights and take-aways.

As a team leader, Sean has been there and done that.

Many of the powerful insights that will impact your group come from Sean's 20 years of creating stronger cultures in his own team locker rooms. Sean is an energetic team building speaker and facilitator who helps organizations improve their results by translating the lessons he learned in leading struggling basketball programs to tremendous turnarounds – and that same focus on team cohesiveness and leadership development will transform your culture.

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How to Be a Winning Teammate

Sean Glaze

This talk illustrates the importance of being a winning teammate, and shares engaging examples of behaviors that build organizational trust. In basketball, that includes off-ball intensity and doing the small things that make a big difference.

Your audience will learn how to become more influential by taking ownership and developing productive relationships with coworkers.

Winning teams have Winning Teammates.

You will enjoy the message and the lessons it shares. More importantly, you will enjoy the impact that adopting the habits of Winning Teammates will have on your personal and professional success when you begin to apply them in your life.

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