Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak finds simple solutions to complex problems such as how to conduct authentic assessments in an age of accountability, how to teach with intention during play, and how to support children in the “messy middle” (i.e., when children are struggling). Kristie spent 16 years as faculty at Kent State University, and now trains and coaches early educators worldwide through her company, B2K Solutions℠, Ltd. Kristie is a Past President of the Division for Early Childhood and works with intentness and determination to sort through the clutter and chaos to join seemingly disparate ideas. She also aims to celebrate differences and shared attributes to achieve solutions.

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How Can You Avoid Making These Three Common K-Readiness Mistakes?

Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

In our race to readiness, our hearts break as we watch so many children being left behind. We lament that PLAY is no longer how children spend their time; and the question, “How can I hold 30 hands, when I only have two?” keeps us up at night. You are not alone in these struggles. Many of us are seeking a paradigm shift…a shift from compliance to compassion, from standardization to personalization, and from segregation to integration, particularly when it comes to common mistakes being made around K-readiness policies and practices. This program explores three readiness remedies that can get teams back on track…back to doing what they do best; ensuring supportive relationships with children and families, cultivating children’s love of learning, and inspiring communities of hope.

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