In 2002, Lisa Beres, a former interior designer, started feeling run down and tired all of the time suffering from chronic fatigue, sinus infections, hormone imbalances and lowered immunity after moving into a newly remodeled home. Lisa then began a journey in search of answers. After much research and a dozen doctor visits, she came to the conclusion that her house and products within the home were making her sick! It was through her research that Lisa decided to become a BBEI/Building Biologist (a study derived from Germany which encompasses how buildings impact life and the living environment). With her B.A. from Arizona State University already under her belt, she then decided to incorporate her two passions in life–interior design and health. Together with Ron who earned his B.A. from George Mason University, they chose to seek “greener pastures.” In addition, Ron is also a BBEC/Building Biologist and he and Lisa are also Certified Green Building Professionals. Husband/wife team, Lisa and Ron Beres founded (an online retail website specializing in green and organic home goods) in 2006 and sold it in 2011to form They are recognized consultants in the green movement and, as healthy spokespersons, have become media darlings championing the cause of all-natural products that nourish the body.

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Green Home Makeover

Ron & Lisa Beres

Our senses are our most important guides regarding the decisions we make in creating a safe haven for ourselves and our loved ones. With the prevalence of green washing today, it is more important than ever, for us to be aware of the health implications from the products we trust and use throughout our home. The good news is that living healthy and sustainably doesn’t mean that we must give up the conveniences and comforts that we become accustomed to. It does mean, however, that we must invest little time and energy into gathering knowledge and retraining our senses to perceive the difference between what is really healthy and what is silently and secretly wreaking havoc on your health, your loved ones and the planet. You’ll learn how to decipher certification labels, ingredients and what to ‘green’ and what to ‘skip’ when shopping for healthy products for your home.

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