Joel G. Block is a hedge fund CEO and for much of the last 20 years, Joel was in the venture capital business. Though he has conceptualized, capitalized, operated and sold several companies, his favorite was his innovation of a personalized financial product which he sold to a Fortune 500 company in 1995. In 2012, Joel formed the Bullseye Capital Fund, a real estate hedge fund that acquires distressed multi-family and commercial assets nationwide, adding value that is shared with investors. He is the founder of, a CrowdFunding Platform for investors to interact with his sizable network of syndicators and fund managers. Joel is a professional speaker who delivers paid programming to entrepreneurs, corporate and government entities. Twice each year, Joel hosts and headlines the standard-setting Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium program, educating and advising CPAs, attorneys, investment bankers and asset class specialists on the art & science of setting up and operating group investments. Joel shares similar information directly with investors. Having organized and invested in over 40 deals, and having advised on hundreds more, Joel serves the private securities industry as well as attorneys and courts of law who seek his expert opinion. Joel's newest book, Investing in Private Securities: Using the CrowdFunding Rules to Super Charge Your Investments will be released in late-2016. And though he doesn't admit often, Joel is also a CPA.

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Get a Finger, Grab the Hand: Cracking Uncrackable Prospects

Joel Block

CrowdFunding Sales is all about building relationships, creating trust and solving problems. Sometimes that trust starts small and builds over time. The biggest relationships often start tiny or even seemingly inconsequential, but as the trust factor escalates, so does the amount of responsibility clients are willing to give a trusted advisor who builds a track record of success in solving problems.

Joel Block, a life-long entrepreneur knows the lifeblood of any organization is sales and his success all derives from years of trust building, and successful delivery. He has developed an arsenal of approaches to crack the uncrackable prospect.

Like water cutting through stone, sometimes tiny sales turn into the biggest accounts over time by using the Get the Finger, Grab the Hand technique.

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