Michael Podolinsky CSP, CSPGlobal is Asia's Productivity Guru. For 34 years Michael devoted himself to the study and sharing about productivity and human psychology. Over 11 million people worldwide and 700+ clients benefit from his expertise in 35 countries, 20 in Asia Pacific & Middle East. He's delivered over 450 programmes through the Singapore Institute of Management since January 1989. Michael authored 16 books including his McGraw Hill Productivity Series. Michael's newest book in the series, ‘Productivity: Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia' is a comprehensive ‘how to' manual using examples and case studies from Michael's local and MNC clients and endorsed by 8 and 9 figure business owners. Another series title is, ‘Productivity: Winning In Life' shares personal and professional development tools for productivity increases such as using passions, prioritizing projects, goal attainment, time management and balancing life. Michael is Singapore's first resident Certified Speaking Professional. He received the CSP after an independent audit evaluated five years of business practices including return on investment for clients, ethics, customer service, follow through and platform excellence as a speaker and trainer. The Global Speakers Federation awarded him CSPGlobal, one of only 21 original ‘Ambassadors' into this new international certification. CSPGlobal recognises his achievements in 6 international markets and his contributions to the MICE industry.      
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Michael Podolinsky

Fundamentals are essentials underlying business, sales and success. Working with top organisations since 1982 in 35 countries, there are core fundamentals bringing success in good times and in bad.

The ‘basics’ are where we all start.

The fundamentals are what carry us through to success if we pay attention to them.

Fads come and go; often distracting us from real strategy and achievement.

Trends can be helpful if used correctly but when markets fail or projects are compromised, sound fundamentals save us and bring us back to profitability or success at work and in life.

Having met and worked with billionaires and 9 figure millionaires, they always focus on fundamentals.

Want your team to succeed? Learn and focus on these fundamentals for team and personal productivity.

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