Nick Gianoulis is the founder of The Fun Dept., a consulting and training company that has been featured on CNN, BBC News, Washington Post, TEDx and numerous other media outlets. Its clients range from Fortune 100 companies to those with as few as 10 employees. Known as "The Godfather of Fun," he began his company after experiencing firsthand the enhanced culture and business results of fun during his 20-year corporate management tenure with a company that embraced a "work hard, play hard" culture. He is also the co-author of Playing It Forward. His company has delivered more fun in the workplace than any other company in the world, building brief, consistent and engaging activities into the corporate culture that is more important than ever thanks to the presence of millennials. Through their book Playing It Forward, their nationally accredited workshops, and speaking engagements, Nick is fulfilling the company's corporate mission: to provide opportunities for people to have fun at work around the world.          
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Fun as the Competitive Advantage

Nick Gianoulis

Nick Gianoulis shares the secrets of how companies like Google, Zappos, Southwest and others develop those winning workplace cultures with world-class business results to match. Based on his 20 years of corporate management experience and over a decade of delivering more fun in the workplace than anyone in the world, he reveals the effective science and process of delivering fun in a manageable format. He uses a highly engaging and interactive workshop style to communicate his message.

This workshop is designed for CEOs, HR leaders, and Business Executives to understand the benefits of fun as it relates to engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention while providing an efficient and proven “how to” implementation strategy for your culture.

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