As an internationally recognized expert on relationships, influence and conscious business, Tamara McCleary is ranked by Klear in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers. She is listed as one of the Top 50 Social Influencers of 2015, one of the Top 50 Big Data Influencers of 2016 and one of the Top 100 IoT Influencers of 2016 by Onalytica. Tamara is an IBM Futurist and was ranked as the third most mentioned person on Twitter by Chief Marketing Officers in 2015 by Leadtail. She presents keynotes and workshops on the topics of Conscious Business, Social Influence, Women's Empowerment, Marketing to Millennials and Women, Women's Leadership, Women in Technology & STEM, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things, Diversity, and Social Economics in a Sharing Economy. Tamara is the creator of the trademarked RelationShift¨ method. She has interviewed a Who's Who of marketing executives; from Visa, Etsy, Dunkin' Brands, Pizza Hut, Moet Hennessy, Priceline.com, the Philadelphia 76ers and even Vincente Fox, former President of Mexico for organizations such as VentureBeat and The CMO Club. Her in-person workshops and online educational courses provide inspiration and critical knowledge to large organizations, small groups, and individuals on how to create successful relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom. Tamara's mission is to improve lives and transform businesses by helping others shift their relationships from suffering to sensational.      
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From Suffering to Sensational: Reignite Your Passion Through Work Life Satisfaction

Tamara McCleary

It is impossible to split ourselves into 2 halves: a work-self and a personal-self. We are living our life crammed into a 24 hour day existence and in that space, sometimes what we are doing is work-related and sometimes it’s personal. It’s all ONE.

In fact there is no such thing as work-life balance. We all crave a sense of purpose and deeper fulfillment. Meaning. We are looking for meaning. We can discover this deeper level of satisfaction by taking practical, actionable, steps to achieve a life of purpose, meaning, fulfillment and joy, even in this busy, non-stop, chaotic, modern world where we all have access to our email, social media, text, etc…24/7. At the end of our life, what do we hope we will have experienced?

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