Warwick Merry is a Master MC and an inspiring professional speaker, renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and has recently been internationally accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional. These competencies give him a firm grounding in business as well as a solid understanding of the latest technology. Warwick ignites an endless passion to Get More out of life in the professional and personal experiences of clients who come from a variety of industries, including finance, government, professional associations, education, manufacturing, and mining. During his time in the corporate world, Warwick gained an understanding of the business environment which identified to him that some aspects of commercial culture are not sustainable. His business, Get More Pty Ltd, was created after he spent significant energy on personal development and broke away from these bonds. Considerable business experience across small, medium and large leading companies in combination with multi-industry experience gives Warwick the ability to design relevant and motivational presentations that carry client's key messages in an entertaining and memorable way. From a formal function to an interactive workshop, and all events in between, Warwick will provide the professional scope to fit the occasion, meeting client's KPIs and ensuring guests are entertained, educated, and inspired.

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Exhibiting and Sponsorship Conversation

Warwick Merry

Are you tired of spending a lot of time and energy on exhibiting or sponsorship and not getting a return?

Would you like to discover some easy to implement idea to make your next exhibiting or sponsorship effort really pay off?

Did you need some skills for your team so they know what to say, how to behave and how to engage while on your booth or at the event?

You need this conversation with Warwick Merry to boost your exhibiting and sponsorship results.

Warwick is the founder of the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute and has worked with business of all sizes to magnify their return. One client got a 533% increase in their qualified leads after working with him. This relates to an additional $150k on the bottom line.

This Geniecast covers some foundations of the exhibiting and sponsorship process as well as valuable tips, tools, and techniques you can implement straight away.

Discover how to amplify your ROI on your exhibiting and sponsorship spend.

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