Julie Silard Kantor is an ‘all-in’ roll-up your sleeves leader & serial entrepreneur committed to building mentoring cultures to drive employee engagement and elevating women and Millennials in the STEM workforce. Did you know that 76% of Millennials view mentoring as crucial to their professional success? Julie also believes that the people who mentor at your company are the people who drive retention at your company and that there is a strong business case. Whether in a board room with executives or working with collaborative teams, Julie instills excitement, inspires commitment, & demonstrates an unwavering drive to succeed. Her newest venture is Twomentor, LLC, a management consulting firm focused on corporate mentor strategy, builds on her 24 years in workforce development and building social impact movements. Many people ask Julie about the name of her firm. If you add the word ‘two’ to ‘mentor,’ you get the word ‘women’ and ‘men’ into mentoring. It’s inclusive. Plus, it does take two to mentor! As a sought after global speaker & connector, Julie is well networked to the national community of top business, academic, non-profit, & government leaders. She has worked & consulted w/ clients such as: Cisco, Samsung, Tata (TCS), Intel, Alpha Corp., Sony, Carnival, BP, Stratasys and more. ✔ Honored by President for 20-year career in youth entrepreneurship education, SmartCEO "15 Leaders We Admire," Brava Women’s Leadership Award Winner & AT & T Women Who Inspire Series

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Elevating Women In The Workforce Through Mentoring And Sponsorship

Julie Kantor

A mentor speaks to you, guides you, advises you. A sponsor speaks about you and champions you behind closed doors. A sponsor might also be the one to say YES! and make the hiring call. To build more Diversity in the workforce, let’s explore the business case for mentoring and strategies that either both you and your company can employ. Did you know – in one study by Wharton – mentors were promoted 6x more and mentees 5x more?! Mentoring Cultures and elevating women in STEM skills is a movement that has met its time, and in our presentation we will discuss best practices and internal strategies.

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