An award-winning event and wedding designer and planner, Sabrina Cadini provides coaching and consulting programs to wedding entrepreneurs who are either starting out or want to elevate their brand and become more profitable. Each program focuses on the business vision, pricing structure, sales and marketing, online presence, and the ideal work-life balance that increases productivity. Sabrina is also an avid and successful live broadcaster. Her workshops and trainings help entrepreneurs and small business owners in any industry incorporate live streaming into their digital marketing strategy. She will teach you how to attract and authentically engage with the right audience, gain confidence, repurpose content, and promote your business with outstanding results, regardless of the live streaming option (Periscope, Facebook, etc.) you choose.

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Elevate Your Brand with Live Streaming

Sabrina Cadini

Is live streaming something that you would like to incorporate into your marketing strategy but you don’t know how? Or maybe you’re scared to be in front of the camera? Or maybe, you’ve been using live streaming for a while but don’t see results?

Let’s change all that! I will show you how live streaming can change the face of your brand or your business in easy steps.

Module 1 – What is Live Streaming? Which platform is best for you?

Module 2 – How do I start on live streaming? Create an irresistible profile to start attracting your target audience, engage with others to create your community

Module 3 – How do I broadcast on live streaming? Checklist, gear, tools, tips

Module 4 – How do I monetize on live streaming? How to continue the conversation with your audience, how to repurpose your content, generate leads and ultimately sales

Every Program Purchase Includes

  • Gear Checks and Final Systems Check: Your Geniecast Experience Specialist will test the audio, video, and internet connection for your primary location as well as the Genie (Presenter).
  • Expert Feature Management: Customized features are available to Cast participants per Client specification.
  • Live Technical Support: We’re with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth end-to-end Cast experience.