Positive Phil works with senior executives to identify and exploit emerging opportunities at the intersection of online media and digital public relations, social media, internet marketing, and technology. He works directly with leaders in Fortune 100, non-profit, and early-stage companies on key initiatives to drive growth through creation and evaluation of new consumers and investors, identification of strategic partnerships, development of business, and implementation of go-to-market efforts. Positive Phil uses podcasting to break down barriers and build instant relationships with decision makers. Guests range from professional athletes to CEOs of startups to Executive Board Members of Multi-Billion Dollar Ventures and Major Brands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

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Digital Public Relations: Demand Generation Strategies that Create Visibility and Credibility Quickly

Positive Phil

Gain Online Press Coverage, Social Credibility, and Influence in this Digital Public Relations program by Positive Phil. Learn how to utilize high ranking/quality backlinks through relationships with influencers such as bloggers, journalists, celebrities, podcasters in your target market.

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