Mary started her career in human resources on her family farm when she was about 14 years old. Her father was the lucky recipient of all kinds of unsolicited advice on talent development, employee experience, performance management, and labor relations. She didn't know what HR was then, but Mary was developing the foundation for her approach today.

In her corporate career Mary started out as a computer programmer. Computers were so new at work then. She liked helping people feel confident and competent when they were worried about looking stupid or breaking the machine. That’s when she decided to commit herself to a career focusing on the human aspect of Human Resources. Mary concluded her 20-year corporate career as an HR manager serving a constituency of over 550 employees.

Mary focuses on making the most of what the human beings who happen to be employees can contribute to an organization through their energy and creativity, while at the same time meeting their specific needs for meaningful work.

As the principal of her own business, Mary is an expert in empowerment and manager/employee interactions. She coaches, trains and consults on talent development, performance management and employee experience. Mary publishes on these topics and more at, Lead Change Group, CIO Online, Forbes, and other sites. She is a co-author of the book, "The Character-Based Leader.” Mary has presented at the Inspiring Women in STEM Conference and is also a TEDx speaker.

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Deliver Effective Performance Feedback with Confidence

Mary Schaefer

Research shows 37% of managers surveyed are uncomfortable giving direct performance feedback if they think the employee might respond negatively. In this practical session, participants learn to engage and set the stage to improve employee performance and results.

This session is perfect for those who want to:

– Transform feedback that might be taken as negative to something employees want to act on.
– Be more confident to handle employee responses.
– Spend more time doing their job, and less energy avoiding feedback.

Participants use what they learn to:

– Give an employee informal feedback.
– Conduct a performance review.
– Talk about behavior that needs to change.
– Coach for development.
– Respond to requests for feedback.

Participants report they find these skills useful at work and in life.

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