Mags Bell is the Founder and Director of Creating Powerful Results, a coaching practice that serves Business Owners, C-Suite Executives, and Directors of private and public companies. She has been coaching for over 20 years—with over 60,000 hours under her belt—and is an International Speaker and Author of “What The Bleep Is Coaching?” Mags led a frantic and hugely successful life in the corporate world in the UK within pharmaceutical sales and leadership. It was her experience with her teams that opened her eyes to some deep truths about human behaviors and performance. Mags is an international speaker, renowned for her proprietary models that help organizations and individuals unlock their human potential. Her coaching, keynotes, and workshops have helped hundreds of business owners, senior executives, and managers and their teams to identify and address the fundamental problems that reside at the basis of poor productivity, motivation, and harmony in the workplace.

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Decision Making Made Easy – How to work with the three brains in your body rather than against them to produce brilliant results!

Mags Bell

The World Economics Form says the 4th industrial revolution has begun, which is all about robotics, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Decisions are already made each and every day by machines and artificial intelligence—both easy decisions as well as some more complex decisions have been taken out of human hands. So where does that leave you for the future?

How would you like to make every decision with confidence that it’s the right decision for you, every time?

Well now you can!

Mags believes that without an individual truly understanding their values, purpose, and vision, organizations will keep attracting the wrong individuals and keep complaining about it. So why not work from the individuals first, then they can share the organizations purpose or move themselves onto an organization that does share their purpose?

Mags will reveal to you just how easy it is to make decisions easy with complete knowledge of how you tick as an individual and help you take away the worry and procrastination.

Decision Making Made Easy shows you:

–  How to prevent the procrastination in your life The PIC Model®.
–  What you need to know to help you make the right decision every time.
– What is the right direction for you?
– How to check you are going in that right direction?
– What part our three brains play in this process.

When you do the work on yourself you will make the right decision for you every time…but only if you apply the learnings.

Futureproof yourself and your company.

Stay True, Stay You!

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