Michelle was born in San Francisco and was raised in Silicon Valley and around the globe, including Japan in the 60's and English Girls Boarding School in the 70's.  By the 80's, Silicon Valley was no longer orchards or a quiet suburbia, and so she moved to Half Moon Bay, which is literally just over-the-hill from the Valley, on the coast. She is an outdoor enthusiast who pedals and paddles and strives to be outside as much as possible. Living near the ocean, she rides on the coastal trail every day, watching the Pelicans skimming and the whales spouting. She rarely gets into a car. She holds degrees in Photo Journalism, Graphics Lithography, English Literature, Instructional Design and teaching credentials in English and Computers. She has been an assistant to speakers Dee Hock (CEO emeritus Visa), Harry Dent (economic demographer) and big wave surfer, Jeff Clark. This book was inspired initially by a drunk driver hitting her while sitting on a couch at age 19. That got her thinking about death. Then years later after the deaths of her mother and sister-in-law, the book's concept came to her, in an effort to make sense of the death process. Using her experience as an instructional designer and teacher, and the tools in this book, she hopes to help people start their family's death planning process, and find peace of mind in planning a Good Death.

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Death Dreams and Death Wishes: Why? What? How? Now!

Michelle Dragony


The last things people think about before they die are their Death Wishes.

If they planned, then their thoughts are peaceful and content.

If they did not plan, then their last thoughts are those of panic, because they know all the bad things that will happen because they didn’t plan.


Plan and Prepare for death by completing the Five Tasks as described in Michelle Dragony’s book Live to Die: The BirthDay-DeathDay Planning Process:

– Medical Insurance
– Medical Directive
– Will and Trust
– Life Insurance or Savings
– Death Pod and Death Wishes


Introducing the Death Pod! A Death Pod is a multi-generational support group that will help to make your Death Wishes come true. Michelle will:

– Give you tools on how to approach people with this conversation.
– Set Rules of Communication with a 100% emphasis on compassion.
– Explore the difference between sudden death and long-term death and how it effects planning
– Consider Pre-Death Wishes concerning things such as long-term care and medical directive decisions.
– Consider Post-Death Wishes concerning things such as burial, cremation, obit, memorial, and pets.


Avoid Death Drama. Plan ahead. Death can be a time of great memories and generous emotions. Poor planning creates massive pressure for the survivors. Arguments between family members who have been given no direction can leave scars for years.

In small groups—either with family, friends, business, church, or club—Michelle can address specific family dynamic and offer customized approaches.

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