Steve Van Valin is CEO of Culturology. He is a culture shaping strategist, and innovation expert. Steve works with leaders who believe healthy engaged cultures are their ultimate competitive advantage. His breakthrough approaches challenge people to work collaboratively in ways that drive ideas and results. Steve played a key role in shaping the culture at the multi-media shopping giant QVC for 14 years. QVC’s collaborative culture became their secret sauce and ultimate strategic advantage in creating a remarkable customer experience. QVC grew to over $10 billion in annual revenue with that philosophy. Steve has an upbeat, positive, and creative style that brings out the best ideas in others. He is masterful at facilitating discussions that get to the core of how people respond in the workplace, and reveals effective actions leaders can take to catalyze change. He has led culture change at all levels, and understands the challenge of getting full buy-in for a sustainable culture change. Steve has created a Strategic Alignment framework to gain clarity on an organization’s leading principles. He has implemented communication strategy and tactics that are the key to success. Some of his clients include NASA, Boeing, SAP, The National Forest Service, The Philadelphia Phillies, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Steve is a passionate teacher and advocate for the creative process. He’s also an inventor, serial entrepreneur, and master level horticulturalist.

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Culture by Design: Articulate Your Culture to Create a Competitive Advantage

Steve Van Valin

High-performing organizations purposefully articulate their culture as a business strategy.  When people have clear expectations for high performance and collaboration, it galvanizes the resolve of your culture at all levels.  This program will show you exactly how to bring clarity to your entire organization.

Define your culture principles

Apply a comprehensive alignment model to express the intent of your culture principles (vision, purpose, values, and brand). Make them easy to understand, and act upon. Instead of just lofty words on a poster, Steve will show you how to integrate your culture principles as guideposts for decision-making.

Gain clarity and direction

Overcome the challenge of articulating the nuances of your culture. The goal is to create a clear message that your organization will “own.” Getting it right means your culture principles will stand the test of time and build a competitive advantage.


  • How to align your organization on Culture Principles to gain extraordinary clarity and confidence. The ultimate articulation strategy.
  • The one essential Value that motivates all generations — you MUST have it within your culture.
  • Culture heroes. What the best of the best organizations are doing that will inspire you to raise your game.

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