Gulnar Vaswani is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Your Best Forward International and has been optimizing the performance of global executives and teams throughout Asia-Pacific since 2008.

Her career spans over 15 years across several countries, and she consistently strives to bridge the cross cultural gap of organizations operating in Asia, develop 21st Century Asian leaders, and delve deeply into diversity agendas such as gender leadership, board diversity & CSR.

Gulnar's career covers a global array: a stunning matrix of organizations like MNCs, private enterprises, educational institutions and NGOs with positions held as management consultant, finance manager, CSR advisor, business development specialist, strategist and compliance officer.

Gulnar has always been passionate about people and their development. Bringing the best out of teams and individuals and helping them achieve consistently and sustainably have strongly motivated Gulnar, and have driven her to establish Your Best Forward. She frequently travels within the Asia-Pac region for clients such as Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Baker & McKenzie, Li & Fung, Philip Morris, Hogan Lovells, Booz & Company, Roche and others.

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Cross Cultural Savvy

Gulnar Vaswani

As organizations bring cultures together in the workplace, there is often an imbalance between creating a cohesive workforce identity and respecting differences. In the culturally diverse, change- filled, and complex 21st Century, our ability to navigate intercultural differences is key. Globalization has catapulted people from different cultures into shared physical and virtual spaces in homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces, resulting in new forms of misunderstanding and conflict. We will examine the impact of intercultural communication on our perceptions, attitudes, and values. Above all, you will have the opportunity to examine your own cultural programming and identify strategies to create true inclusion in your organization. Think of this workshop as intercultural strength training.

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