Chic Thompson's passion is inspiring executives, MBA students and children to be “curious first…critical second” while creative problem solving. Chic's latest creative adventure is founding “WAGI.labs.” A global social innovation incubator for kids' ideas. He is a Fellow at the University of Virginia's Darden Business School and adjunct faculty at the Brookings Institution and the Young Presidents' Organization. Chic's first book, “What a Great Idea!,” published by HarperCollins, was a main selection of the Executive Book Club. In 2001, Harvard Business School released a case study on the speaking career of Chic entitled “What a Great Idea!” His second book, “Yes, But...” is a guide to overcoming the bureaucratic language that stifles continuous innovation. He wrote this book after consulting with GE to help design their continuous improvement process called “Work-Out.” Chic worked in new product development and marketing for: - W.L. Gore and Associates (Gore-Tex®) - Johnson & Johnson - Walt Disney During the last 30 years, Chic has given over 4500 presentations and has teamed up with talent ranging from Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey to Cirque du Soleil and Second City Improv.  

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Creative Leadership: Creating a Mindset of Innovation

Chic Thompson

Chic Thompson will take you on an interactive journey through the steps of creative Leadership that foster a mindset of innovation

1. Being Curious First… Critical Second
When we see or hear a new idea, be “curious first” to explore the possibilities. Be “critical second” to calculate the probabilities.

2. Looking for Second and Third “Right” Answers
Reframe our challenge and see it from different perspectives to generate new solutions.

3. The Question is the Answer
Ask great questions to reveal new ideas.

4. Thinking in Opposites
Act on opposite/paradoxical trends and turn obstacles into an opportunity.

5. DIY Brainstorming
How to come up with ideas when you are stuck!

6. Keeping our Brain Alive
How to keep our minds sharp so that we can come up with ideas anytime… anyplace.

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