Lynn Rose, known as "The Voice of Transformation", is a transformational speaker, singer & TV host having spoken or performed for hundreds of thousands of people around the world (including sharing the stage with Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno and more) and multiple appearances on TV and film (including her own syndicated radio show on the Personal Achievement Network). Having come from a place at one time in her life of being completely shut down, frozen with fear and all that passion and fire locked inside, Lynn now enjoys a newfound freedom and is committed that everyone know the joy of feeling fully self-expressed and alive. So she became the Go-To Trainer for Experts on her WOW Process for speaking fearlessly, authentically and powerfully, called, 'The WOW Factor' ("WOW" being an acronym for "With Out Walls") where she's worked with Billion Dollar CEO's, celebrities & professionals, to those just starting out, transforming their speaking for even greater success. Through her WOW process, she has you trusting in the power of who you are, speaking from your heart and making amazing impact with your message (no less all that opens up in all areas of your life). She also now partners with Bob Doyle (from the movie, "The Secret") in producing entrepreneur's and business owner's videos and media with her expert coaching and guidance in order for them to get their message out there in the most impactful way and bring in powerful response and results. Lynn's transforming lives across the planet with her WOW work, along with her explosive spirit that ignites audiences globally when she speaks or performs, her commitment is to everyone living their most fully self-expressed and creating their highest most authentic success.  

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Creating “THE WOW EFFECT” in How You Present

Lynn Rose

In this interactive Cast, Breakthrough Performance Expert & Keynoter, Award-Winning Entertainer/TV Host & CEO of Two six figure businesses, Lynn Rose takes you through the WOW inside-out approach to speaking and performance that is proven to make all the difference in your Influence, Impact and bottom line.

Learn in the most interactive, fun and powerful way how you can shift your results with clients, audiences, pitches and marketing videos, including compelling interaction with your team through the WOW Speaking Performance process.

You and your attendees will learn the SPEAK formula, witness stunning Before and Afters, and, have opportunities to experience your own on video via LIVE interaction achieving on the spot makeovers in minutes (that last).

Through Lynn’s 5 Principles of The WOW Effect, along with LIVE interactive coaching, attendees come away with:

> The ability to get out of your head and speak from your heart
> Upleveled confidence that powerfully magnetizes
> The ability to think on your feet
> Compelling, charismatic presence
> Skyrocketing sales conversions
> The power to perform at your highest level no matter how you’re feeling
> Impact with clients and presentations

Master and beginner alike, The WOW Effect’s profound and one of a kind process has transformed billion dollar CEO’s, famous experts, speakers, top professionals, entrepreneurs, to those just starting out seeking a way to launch forward powerfully and quickly.

Having helped launch 6- and 7-figure careers with her media and marketing expertise, Lynn is hired by Fortune 500 corporations, prominent associations, direct sales companies, financial professionals and entrepreneurial events.

what you get

  • Last up to one hour
  • Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is a login from a unique location)
  • Include the two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio) and dedicated support