Stephen Dynako has most recently been a pastoral counselor and he previously held various leadership and management positions in the financial, technology, and media industries. He is author of the book "The Self Aware Lover" and creator of the self-development program of the same name. In addition to being a self-declared love evangelist, he is an advocate for eco-conscious business that focuses equally on social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and organizational conscience.

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Courage Building for the Self Aware Leader

Stephen Dynako

Leaders are at their best when they are firmly centered into their power. The essence of a leader’s power comes from within. This is not to be confused with authority, which is granted to a leader from the outside. When leaders aren’t fully able to express their power, they feel frustrated, anxious, and unappreciated, regardless how much authority they hold. Taking action from a center of power feels courageous and exhilarating instead of fearful and laborious.

This workshop will help leaders activate the power of courage to bring forth the energy that’s inherent to their being and expend less effort to achieve greater results in their profession and their life.

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