Daniel Karpantschof served on the White House's and US Department of State's Council of Experts for Entrepreneurship.

He is currently launching Copenhagen Industries, an arms manufacturer for special effects production, and is advising RML SpaceLab, an open source space exploration agency.

He is the co-founder of Nexus Global Youth Summit, advises numerous startups (in telco, cleantech and entertainment) and guest lectures at the Danish School of Design, New York University, the Chaos Pilots, Copenhagen Business College, and Pratt School of Design. He was declared part of Denmark's “New Creative Elite” by leading Scandinavian think tank, Monday Morning (2014).

He served as Danish representative to UNESCO and the UN World Summits on Information Society. He has also served on private and public boards, including the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Danish Evaluation Institute, the urban development project Copenhagen – The Thinking City, the National Council on European Policies, and the National Board of Education.

In 2011, he achieved his childhood dream and moved to New York, where he joined The Economist Group Ideas Lab, an internal media innovation team rethinking The Economist's audience, community, and global readership. He eventually left to run Global Affairs for Sandbox, a worldwide community of entrepreneurs, misfits, creators and makers.

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Community Design: An Introduction

Daniel Karpantschof

With the advent of social media brands workplaces, authors, and publishers started talking about communities. But more often than not, are they missing the target by misunderstanding the logic and mechanics of the community design.

Community design is the architecture of communities. It is the art and science behind the fundamental building blocks of communities.

Whether you are talking about customer retention, employee happiness, audience development, donor engagement, or something completely different, the community relies on the same governing rules and invokes the same elements.

By designing them appropriately, you apply them and achieve strategic goals.

Key Takeaways:

– Understand how community design can help you achieve strategic goals
– Learn basic principles of community design
– Get a toolbox of methods, models and ideas to apply to your organization, project or goals

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