Alex Stone is a comedian from Cincinnati, Ohio who now makes his home in New York City. His hard work and determination have led him from his early days as an absurdist joke writer to his current role as one of the most impressive young storytellers in comedy. In 2014 Alex was one of the top one hundred comics selected for season eight of NBC's Last Comic Standing and was also in invited to perform at the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal for their New Faces of Comedy showcase. He has also appeared at Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, Indiana as well as being selected to participate in the 2013 Best of the Midwest competition at Gilda's LaughFest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In late 2015 Alex released his album "Hello." which debuted at number three on iTunes. Alex was also recently featured in both the Chicago Tribune and the Huffington Post. 
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Comedy with Alex Stone

Alex Stone

Alex Stone is hilarious. You won’t even be tempted to check Facebook during his show–that’s how good he is.

From absurdist joke writer to captivating storyteller, Alex has cultivated a performance and personna that captures the attention of audiences of all sizes–from small clubs to universities. Alex appeared on the 2015 season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, was named One of the New Faces at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal in 2015, and was selected for the Best of the Midwest competition at the 2013 Gilda’s Laugh Fest and the 2014 Limestone Comedy Festival.

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