Darcy Luoma, certified professional life coach, dynamic facilitator, fun, and engaging public speaker, has expertise in leadership, team development, emotional intelligence, and personal effectiveness. Her optimistic attitude and playful and intuitive style has helped hundreds of clients achieve remarkable results, including greater work/life balance, a clearer vision, and enhanced leadership. In 2012, Darcy was thrilled to be voted Madison’s Favorite Life Coach! Her master’s thesis (MSOD, Pepperdine University) showed profound results that life coaching significantly increases overall life satisfaction and improves personal and professional growth. Darcy recently completed 12 years as the Director of U.S. Senator Herb Kohl's office and is now a full-time leadership coach and organization development specialist. Darcy brings passion and practical ideas for action to her highly engaging presentations!

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Coaching as a Management Style: Be More Effective with Less Effort

Darcy Luoma

Coaching is an approach to management—how one carries out the role of being a manager by challenging and developing employees’ skills and abilities. This dynamic workshop will discuss the different management styles and explore the core principles of coaching as an effective style, leading to more engaged employees and greater results. Participants will learn the three-step coach approach: engage, explore, and enact. They will identify their personal management style and how to shift to using coaching skills to empower instead of micro-manage, improve outcomes, and create positive working relationships.

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