Nate Riggs is a seasoned inbound marketing strategist and the Founder and CEO of NR Media Group. He's helped a wide range of leading brands adopt new ideas and technologies that evolve their marketing programs to meet the needs new generations of internet-savvy consumers.

Nate has delivered presentations at hundreds of industry conferences and regularly contributes to major business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Chief Content Officer magazine and many others. He is also a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

His passion project is teaching on the marketing faculty at the Ohio University College of Business where he has built the school's first approved curriculum on inbound marketing and sales (MKT4300-100). His course produces between 180-250 inbound certified students each year. In the Spring of 2016, Nate will be working to expand the certification training to include HubSpot Certification and Practicum.

His personal goal as faculty at OU is to build an entire center of excellence around Inbound Marketing and Sales training to help address the current skills gap among marketing degree graduates. If you'd like to see his students's work and learn more about the course, you can visit Nate is also an active board member of OU's Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre, and an executive board member of Professional Marketing Advisory Board.

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Closing the Skills Gap: How to Build a Hybrid Marketing Workforce

Nate Riggs

In 2014, CapGemeni, a global strategy consulting firm, published a research report entitled The Digital Talent Gap which summarized a body of research conducted to asses the shortage of digital skills in today’s marketplace. The report revealed that 77% of companies surveyed considered missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their transformation.

As inbound marketers, you already know that one of the most pressing challenges for organizations is the identification of fresh marketing talent that not only understands why digital skills are necessary but also possesses a base-level competency in putting these skills into action. Make no mistake; whether you are an organization who has adopted the Inbound Methodology and HubSpot as part of your culture or a HubSpot Partner who is serving your clients’ needs, finding ways to actively invest in bridging this skills gap must be priority.

In this fast-paced presentation, Nate Riggs will show you how to get involved with local colleges and universities to help them design and teach digital and inbound marketing curriculum and develop a feeder system of “hybrid” marketing talent.

What you will learn:

– How to source modern marketing talent at the university level
– How to identify and develop young professionals with the highest potential for success
– How to seamlessly transition new graduates to interns and employees

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