Esi Colbert is a talented Certified Life Coach with a deep passion for helping others realize and reach their potential. As an iron willed woman who has faced the ups and downs of life. Esi has endured the loss of family members and friends, the pain and isolation of Fibromyalgia, financial debt and the fear of failure, but she fought to come out on top. Esi has dedicated her life to promoting healthy mindsets, healthy relationships, and positive changes. She works one-on-one with her clients through a variety of issues covering personal life ambitions and career goals.

In her personal life, Esi truly embodies her own work. She is a testament to her favorite motto: “Success is not a plan. It is a Lifestyle.” She firmly believes that with hard work, faith, and dedication, anyone is capable of achieving the life they desire and deserve.

Since practicing as a life/business coach, Esi has been amazed at the transformations she's seen in the lives of her clients. Esi is ecstatic as she looks to the future with hope in her eyes and gratitude in her heart. She knows that with a little guidance and a little faith amazing things will take place. Happiness, financial success, and overall well-being are on the horizons of those who understand that “Success is not a plan. It is a Lifestyle.”

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Changing Your Mindset

Esi Colbert

What you believe is everything. Your mindset includes your thought patterns, moods, attitudes and habits. One of the greatest skills needed today by all leaders, employees and individuals, is the ability to change and manage one’s mindset. Create new thought patterns, moods, attitudes and habits. These attributes frame your world. How you see and deal with thing determines your success and happiness in life. In order to change your mindset successfully there must be a “Whys”. “Why” must I change and “Why” am I changing.

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