Tackling The Tyranny of Time

Madelaine Weiss, LICSW, MBA, BCC

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Tackling The Tyranny of Time

Madelaine_New program

Madelaine Claire Weiss (LICSW, MBA, BCC) is a Harvard Trained Licensed Psychotherapist, Mindset Expert, and Board-Certified Executive, Career, Life Coach who helps people master their minds so they can maintain and enjoy satisfaction and success in all areas of their lives. She is a co-author in the Handbook of Stressful Transitions Across the Lifespan, and author of the forthcoming “Getting to G.R.E.A.T: 5-Step Strategy for Work and Life.” [madelaineweiss.com]

Madelaine has been featured on Fox TV, NBC, W4WRadio, Talk4TV, Bold TV, Speakers Without Borders, many podcasts including The Partner Podcast, and Major, Lindsey, & Africa’s Erasing the Stigma. She has written for Thrive Global, Authority Magazine’s Editors List, UPJourney, Marriage dot Com, My Perfect Financial Advisor, and her trainings have been widely well received by numerous law firms, the Harvard Law School Alumni Association-MA, the National Association of Realtors, DC Academy of General Dentistry, AARP, the American Bar Association, and the Bureau of National Affairs.

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Tackling The Tyranny of Time

Madelaine Weiss, LICSW, MBA, BCC

Too much thinking about Time is associated with a 25% spike in the stress hormone, cortisol, enough to seriously damage our health, according to Stanford business school researchers.

And yet, we humans can’t stop thinking about Time, which has been torturing us for thousands of years.

From the Bhagavad Gita:

I come as Time, the waster of Peoples,
Ready for the hour that ripens to their ruin.

Humans invented Time to help us organize activities correctly according to the seasons, e.g., the flooding of the Nile, and to help us know when to pursue interests on our own and when to come together. The Benedictine Monks invented “hours” so they would know when to sleep, work, and pray.

But if we invented Time to work for us, shouldn’t we be in charge of it, instead of the other way around?

This lively, interactive program provides a 4-Step Strategy for Tackling the Tyranny of Time:

T Take Back The Power

I Intention over Intrusion

M Master Resistance

E Eliminate the Waste & Enjoy the Results, including but not limited to more hours in the day!!


  • Understand the origins, meaning, and purpose of time, and our human obsession with it.
  • Put the executive brain in charge of decisions on how to spend and enjoy time, and strategically direct attention to maximize time and energy efficiencies, freeing up more of both.
  • Move beyond our human obsession with time to enjoy a happier, healthier, more productive work and life.

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