How to Network if you are an Introvert

Joya Dass

I’ve known since I was 4 years old that I wanted to be a television anchor. I also knew that I had zero footholds or connections in the industry. I… read more.


Unmasking What Matters

Sandra Joseph

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Email Marketing: A Prescription for Success

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Hanadi Chehabeddine

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Mind, Money, and the Markets

Jeff Weiss, CMT

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How to Network if you are an Introvert

Joya Dass_program1

Joya Dass was one of the first South Asian females to be seen on mainstream television in the US. She’s been a business anchor for major networks for the last 15 years, delivering live reports from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NY1 News.

Daily, she interviewed CEO’s of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. Today she has taken that dynamic from behind the TV camera and brought it to a live audience. She helms a women’s leadership development platform called LadyDrinks, supporting South Asian women executives and creating teaching moments via live interviews with business leaders. LadyDrinks is based in New York City and today numbers 1800 members strong.

Joya is a frequent speaker on topics such as assertiveness, branding and best networking practices

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How to Network if you are an Introvert

Joya Dass

I’ve known since I was 4 years old that I wanted to be a television anchor. I also knew that I had zero footholds or connections in the industry. I paid to go to graduate school at Boston University so I could network. Network I did. I went to work for the alumni relations person. I attended conferences. leveraged that network to get my first internship in journalism and my first three jobs. Networking connected me to my first TV agent who put me on CNN. Networking frankly, led to my launching my women’s initiative. But what if you don’t have the moxie? I share tips to help even the biggest introvert become a better networker


  • How to network better in person
  • How to network on LinkedIn
  • How to network on Twitter

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