What Great Innovators Do Differently

Greg Satell

Take a look at any successful enterprise and you’ll find innovation at its core. That was just as true a hundred years ago when Henry Ford perfected the assembly line… read more.


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What Great Innovators Do Differently

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Greg Satell is a popular speaker, adviser and author of the new book, Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change. He also regularly contributes to Harvard Business Review, Barron’s and Inc as well as other A-List publications His earlier book, Mapping Innovation, was selected as one of the best business titles of 2017.

An accomplished entrepreneur, executive and one of the foremost experts on innovation today, Greg speaks to audiences around the world and works with leading organizations to better compete in today’s disruptive marketplace. He was recently named by Innovation Excellence as #2 on its global list of “Top 40 Innovation Bloggers” and by IDG as one of “10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today.” Greg helps successful organizations overcome disruption and blaze a path to a better future.

A global citizen, Greg spent 15 years living and working in Eastern Europe where, among other things, he managed a leading news organization during Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. You can learn more about Greg on his website, GregSatell.com and follow him on Twitter @DigitalTonto.

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What Great Innovators Do Differently

Greg Satell

Take a look at any successful enterprise and you’ll find innovation at its core. That was just as true a hundred years ago when Henry Ford perfected the assembly line as it is today, when agile startups bring cutting edge technology to market. Innovation, properly understood, is how people come up with novel solutions to important problems.

The tricky part is that every organization faces different types of challenges. Some, focus on improving old technologies, while others, strive to make fundamental new discoveries. That’s why there is no “one true path” to innovation. There are, in fact, as many ways to innovate as there are types of problems to solve. However, there are universal traits across every organization – From corporate giants to startups to world class labs, Greg Satell explains the things great innovators have in common.

Based on research that led to the award winning bestseller, MAPPING INNOVATION this program takes you inside a wide variety of organizations – From corporate giants to startups to world class labs – to show you how you can inspire innovation throughout your enterprise.


  • Innovation isn’t about ideas. It’s about solving problems.
  • Every organization needs to find it’s own path to innovation
  • You will leave better equipped to Innovate and overcome disruption

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