Everyday, Jordan Friedman helps thousands worldwide to work, study and feel better. For 25 years, Harvard University, NBCUniversal, Lincoln Center, the Today Show and many other organizations have asked Jordan to bring his Quick Calm, Mod Squad, Stressbusters and other popular strategies to their stressed staff, students and audiences. Jordan is president of The Stress Coach, Inc., former director of Columbia University's health education program and a pioneer of providing concrete stress reduction techniques to enhance performance, teamwork and challenge management. Jordan's keynotes, training workshops and webinars focus on ready-to-use tools that prevent and reduce stress whatever its sources, something he's done for everyone from CEOs and 9/11 survivors to police officers and prison inmates.

Jordan is the author of The Stress Manager's Manual, co-author of the Go Ask Alice Book of Answers, and his remarkable stress-to-success story and simple post-program resources motivate participants to use what they have learned long after live sessions are over. Jordan studied stress management education at the University of Maryland, earned a degree in public health at NYU and is based in peaceful New York City.

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Calmcast: Learn Fast and Effective Techniques to Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Health

Jordan Friedman

It’s smart and easy to rapidly reduce stress, tension and anxiety to get focused, work easier and feel better. Jordan Friedman, a New York-based stress management trainer and author, will teach you to use his Quick Calm, Instant Vacation, and Tranquilizer techniques on your crowded commute, before a big presentation, after a difficult meeting, and in bed when you just can’t fall asleep. You will leave this Calmcast relaxed and ready to use these effective stress-reducers in the office, at home, and wherever else you will need them.

Stress is an important fact of life-but when it becomes an uncomfortable way of life, it works against productivity, relationships, goal achievement, and health.

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