Ardath Albee, CEO of her firm Marketing Interactions, brings over 30 years of business management and marketing experience to help B2B companies with complex sales use persona-driven content marketing strategy and compelling content marketing programs to turn prospects into buyers. She's a strategist, storyteller, speaker, blogger, teacher, and content geek who is obsessed with helping companies become so darn relevant that buyers can't help but choose to become customers and, once a customer, making sure they'd never think of leaving. Ardath has written two books, Digital Relevance and eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. She's been recognized as a 2014 Woman to Watch in B2B by FierceCMO and voted one the 50 Most Influential People in Sales and Lead Management for the last five years. Ardath believes that content marketing strategy must help marketers, salespeople, and the organization clearly understand who their audiences are, what they care about most deeply, and who they must gain consensus from to embrace change. With these insights clearly established, she helps clients create overall messaging and positioning platforms that inform content marketing strategy and the development of marketing content that powers integrated digital and social initiatives that drive pipeline velocity to produce more qualified sales opportunities. With strategic, integrated marketing processes in place, making the transition to customer-obsessed marketing is simpler and more effective.

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Buyer Personas: The Foundation for Content Marketing Strategy

Ardath Albee

While nearly all B2B marketers are using content marketing, less than half of them say they are successful. Often this is because their interpretation is that content marketing is about publishing and distributing content. But that’s not true.

Content marketing is a practice approach to creating, publishing and sharing content designed to engage prospective and existing customers with the intent of establishing a profitable business relationship. It’s not selling, but rather educating and providing valuable information that helps buyers solve problems to drive business performance. This means you need to know them extremely well.

Find out what makes a great buyer persona, how it informs your content marketing, and how it keeps your company focused on what matters most—your customers.

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