Robin Camarote is a communications consultant, meeting facilitator, and blogger. She is intent on helping clients get a greater return for their time invested at work. Raised by two “can do” parents who drilled resourcefulness and persistence, Robin carries those practical lessons into client offices and conference rooms today to map out the issues and creatively solve their challenges with communication and buy-in. Inspired by the big ideas of thought-leaders such as Seth Godin, she left her management position at a large consulting firm to work independently in 2013. Her goal then and now is to reduce the fluff and time-consuming distractions at the office while working directly with clients on their mission. Being a consultant is accepting that you'll never have your finger directly on the button. Instead, the ideal is to work through and on behalf of clients to achieve their goals. That is precisely what makes Robin love this work.
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Building Buy-in for Your Big Idea

Robin Camarote

Often, the challenge isn’t hatching the idea. It’s getting it off the ground.

Sometimes the greatest hurdle is right in front of us: our boss, our leadership. Our leaders, by definition, have the responsibility to question the goal and objective, to approve the time and money to be invested and, ultimately, to support or squash the transition from “I have an idea” to reality.So, what do you need to do to get there? It turns out that a couple of concrete actions yield a much greater chance of success. Join me to learn and discuss the six key steps. You’ll finish the session with a clear plan of action to build the buy-in you need to move your idea forward.

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