Viveka von Rosen is known internationally as the "LinkedIn Expert" and is author of the best selling "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day". She is also a contributing "expert" to LinkedIn's official blog and their "Sophisticated Marketer's Guide". She was featured in Forbes' "The Millennial Game Plan" and Mitch Meyerson's "Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Super Stars".

She has 32K followers on LinkedIn and 82K+ followers on Twitter. Her seminars, webinars and workshops have taught and trained well over 100,000 business people.

Viveka takes the social media marketing knowledge she has developed and perfected over the years and transforms it into engaging and informational training. Her sessions provide not only valuable information, but actionable tips to get your clients, employees, or members up and running quickly and effectively.

She has personally worked with executives and sales teams at Oracle, The New York Times, Bloomberg, AON, Western Union and several other Fortune 500 Companies.

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Building A Better Branded LinkedIn Profile

Viveka von Rosen

You can have the biggest network in the world, but if your employees’ profiles look unprofessional, you simply will NOT attract as many prospects or close as many deals as you could.

We talk about ROI all the time, but what about COI?  What is the cost of inaction on LinkedIn?

The first step in any successful LinkedIn Biz Dev, Marketing or Lead Generation program is having a credible presence. 

By the end of this session you will…
• Have Your Security Settings into Place for Safety and Visibility
• Have Copy that Converts
• Build credibility with Testimonials, Recommendations and Endorsements
• Build Credibility with Media
• Have Easy Ways for Prospects to Contact You
• Have a Completed LinkedIn Profile that Attracts Ideal Clients

Every Program Purchase Includes

  • Gear Checks and Pre-Call Rehearsal: Your Geniecast Experience Specialist will test the audio, video, and internet connection for your primary location as well as the Genie (Presenter).
  • Expert Feature Management: Customized features are available to Cast participants per Client specification.
  • Live Technical Support: We’re with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth end-to-end Cast experience.