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Anne Candido is the founder of Go for 2, a Brand "Love" Building consultancy aimed at developing unexpected yet authentic connections to people's heart, mind and soul resulting in accelerated customer acquisition and revenue generation.

A 20+ year veteran of P&G, Anne has been a thought-leader and architect in cultivating brand love as a means of driving business growth. Through her work on programs like the London 2012 Olympic "Thank You, Mom" campaign, the Cannes award winning Tide Super Bowl Campaigns #BradshawStain and #TideAd, and the Dreft "Smell of Love" campaign, she has a fine-tuned process to help brands dig deep to discover untapped potential that when realized, magnifies brand love impact and stimulates customer acquisition and the opportunity for incremental revenue generation.

Through partnerships with properties like the NFL, Joe Gibbs Racing, United States Olympic Committee, and NYC Fashion Week, Anne has become an expert in defining how brands can maximize influencers, spokespeople, thought-leaders and credentialers to create relevancy, differentiation and ambassadorship. This expertise has also translated into effective use of social sustainability as evidenced by her leadership of the "Tide Loads of Hope" program. Her work has resulted in billions of high-impact impressions both nationally and locally, across all influencer verticals and channels including: Ellen, Today, GMA, WSJ, NYT, People, HuffPo, Popsugar, SI, ESPN and BabyCenter just to name a few. Anne resides in Cincinnati, Oh, with her husband, Tony, and their blendedfamily of 4 "adults in-training".

She graduated from the University of Dayton (1998) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering which ironically led her to discover the importance of brand love through her first decade in P&G's R&D organization where she developed products that truly made a difference in people's lives. She took that knowledge into Communications where she spent her second decade bridging marketing and public relations into a Brand Building discipline. Anne believes in the power of being connected in mind, body and spirit and that grit is the secret to success.

PS: If you Google me, look under "Anne Westbrook, P&G" too.

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Brand-Love: How to Get More People to Choose Your Brand, More Often, Indefinitely.

Anne Candido

Does your brand (product or service) need a spark to grow the top-line? Have you stalled in new customer (consumer or B2B) generation or repeat purchase? Looking to scale into a new business or customer target? Cultivating “Brand-Love” is one of the most over-looked but proven accelerators of customer acquisition and revenue generation. But, it is hard work….which is why BigCo’s have big teams, big budgets and agencies devoted to it. But, here is a secret…it is not the amount of money and people that matters, it is the quality of thinking it takes to uncover high-potential customer insights that will allow your brand to uniquely connect to their heart, soul and mind. Thinking YOU can do.
This session can be done as a keynote (1-1.5 hour overview) or as an interactive workshop (2-3 hours). Either way, I will guide through the process I have refined from 20+ years of Brand “Love” Building, and give you the tools you need to embark on your own Brand-Love journey. I guarantee you will leave thinking differently about your brand’s potential. Need a guide? A consulting package is available in conjunction with the session at a reduced rate.


  • Guaranteed to make you think differently about your brand's potential, and how to accelerate revenue generation.
  • Proven process supported by a new mindset that you can put into action immediately to create more direct and efficient paths to your customer.
  • Additional consulting and coaching available to provide more in-depth guidance on your journey.

Every Program Purchase Includes

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  • Expert Feature Management: Customized features are available to Cast participants per Client specification.
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