Bryant Nielson is the Executive Director for both The Blockchain Academy and CapitalWave Inc., a global training firm that specializes in "Technology Enabled Learning & Training" for corporations and universities in the financial markets.

Bryant is passionate about Blockchain and its role in disrupting the finance sector. He is a frequent speaker at Blockchain conferences globally. He has delivered Blockchain training programs internationally. Bryant is also the host for the Blockchain360 Podcast, available on iTunes.

You need a ‘Blockchain Strategy' and your company needs one RIGHT NOW.

Bryant is a strong believer that a tsunami of change is coming to many business sectors, with Blockchain playing the role of disruptor.

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Blockchain Essentials – An Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bryant Nielson

The outcome of this program is to provide individuals with a general overview of bitcoin and the blockchain. Participants will learn more about:

1) What bitcoin is, its history, how to use bitcoin: storing bitcoin in a wallet, buying and selling bitcoin on an online exchange, as well as sending and receiving bitcoin from one person to another without the need for a trusted third party.
2) An overview of the blockchain: how transactions are stored on the blockchain, how mining works through consensus, the differences between permissioned and permissionless blockchains, and why these differences are important.
3) Current market opportunities this technology provides, including smart contracts, payments, immutable ledger, proof of ownership, remittances, and micro-transactions. It also discusses alternatives to bitcoin and the bitcoin blockchain.
4) Insight into the future of this technology in terms of innovation and disruption of existing traditional systems and processes.

Bryant is happy to personalize the program delivery.

Prerequisites: No blockchain knowledge required.

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