The Worlds Great Software Teams

Dennis Brouwer brings a completely unique perspective to the challenge of thriving in a chaotic world. Early in his career, he served in the inherently hazardous world of naval aviation as a carrier-based naval flight officer and mission commander, and accumulated nearly 1,000 hours of flight time and 200 carrier landings. During that time he also served as a special weapons loading officer on the flight deck and in the squadron Safety Department as an in-flight evaluator, safety and operations trainer and award-winning tactics instructor. He is a graduate of the Navy’s specialized survival programs for open-water and jungle environments, as well as SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape), the capstone “prisoner of war experience” course for all combat aviators.

After leaving the Navy, he led product management organizations tasked with anticipating the future and funding, quantifying and completing the development efforts, both technical and business, to make it real. As a result, Dennis possesses a deep understanding of the importance of overall preparedness, the psychology of risk and the very real dangers of complacency. He has honed this knowledge in industries as diverse as internet/cloud services, aviation, financial services, manufacturing and cybersecurity, and in start-ups, mind-size businesses and as a senior executive in a Fortune 200 company.

Brouwer is the author of The Return on Leadership, in which he makes the case that a particular form of leadership – Creative Leadership - sparks business success by identifying and deconstructing the hidden barriers to growth in people, teams, and markets. The book comes to life with examples from Ford Motor Company, global IT services, and his own personal experiences as a Fortune 500 executive, leadership coach and naval flight officer.

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Becoming the Feared Competitor: Five Core Values of the World’s Great Software Teams

Dennis Brouwer

The Challenge: Building a Team that Thrives in an Uncertain World

Everywhere you look, the rate of change is accelerating, and most of that change – the web, smartphones, and the Internet of Things – is driven by software. So how do software development teams do it? It turns out they’ve got a system that’s designed to deal with exactly the kind of complex problems that are driving the rest of us crazy…and it might be just what you and your team need to get ahead and stay ahead in your chosen market.


  • Learn the Five Core Values of the world’s most productive development teams.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your value in the market and in the minds of your customers and prospects.
  • Identify when it’s time to challenge conventional wisdom about your business model and market.

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