Patricia Suflita Wilson is a highly successful chief executive, evangelist, board member, and public speaker committed to making the world a better place.

Patricia pursued a career with a focus on social responsibility shortly after becoming a mother and over two decades has earned a reputation for her integrity, sound business judgment, demonstrated financial acumen and superior communication skills. Her ability to develop a high performing team and create extensive community engagement garnered her worldwide recognition - she is a main character in the documentary "Batkid Begins" purchased by Warner Bros./New Line and released in theaters nationwide in 2015. She is often referred to as the “BIC” (see her TEDxTalk).

Currently, Patricia is a frequent keynote speaker nationwide, and provides consulting to several for-profit companies (marketing, branding, social media, community engagement, philanthropy plans, etc.) She also serves on the board of directors: Illuminate (Bay Lights); Friends of the Urban Forest. As a keynote speaker, she connects with her audience in an authentic manner routinely evoking cheers, tears and standing ovations.

Formerly, she was CEO of Make-A-Wish, responsible for leading the overall direction of one of the largest chapters nationwide and created a permanently restricted endowment for future sustainability. Her work helped to build one of the most recognized and respected brands.

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Becoming “Rich” in a Non-Profit Career (by robbing banks, kidnapping and other magic tricks)

Patricia Suflita Wilson

Patricia tells of her professional journey in the non-profit sector and provides lessons on how to motivate, empower, and engage staff, volunteers, and customers.

She also provides insight on how to secure in-kind support and sponsorships. The cornerstone of this talk is a behind-the-scenes look at the uplifting story of how she turned San Francisco into Gotham City to allow one five-year-old cancer patient the opportunity to live his dream: to be Batman. In doing so, she inspired millions worldwide and the subject is a feature-length documentary: Batkid Begins.

The audience will learn about how to manage a story if it goes viral, how to solicit for professional assistance for crisis communication, and how social media can be your friend. Lastly, this talk inspires the participants to engage in their own communities and be involved in the causes that are most important to them.

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