Helen Dayen is an executive career coach specializing in driving revenue, leadership talent and fostering stronger relationships. Helen enhances the effectiveness of executives by coaching them to become more powerful communicators, team members and leaders. Helen is a former Wall Street veteran who worked as a sales executive for various investment banks. Helen's experience is in sales and relationship building, which allows her to bring the transformative power of effective communication to her clients. With a clear message and strong connections, Helen's clients are able to become greater influencers and take their careers to new heights.

Helen is the founder and CEO of the Dayen Group, an executive coaching company that focuses on enhancing the leadership, sales and communication skills of experienced professionals in fast pace and high stress industries such as finance and technology.

Helen is the executive coach for the New York Society of Securities Analysts as well as the executive coach for Financial Women's Association Pacesetter program that coaches the highest achieving and greatest potential women from corporations such as BNP, Royal Bank of Canada and New York Life.

Formerly Helen was Director of Leadership and Development for the Women's Sovereign Entities organization where she was instrumental in developing women's leadership programing for Sovereign entities such as Federal Reserve and IMF. Helen sits on the board of NYU's Stern Women in Business board.



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Be Visible, Vibrant and Known – Self-promotion at its Best

Helen Dayen

Do you really think keeping your head down and just doing a good job is going to get you noticed or rewarded? Nope! Not even close. Either you are invisible or you are vibrant and known. The Visible YOU will get promoted, make more money and feel valued, confident and important.

In this presentation, Helen shows you how to self-promote without showing off. Helen will share the highly effective tools that make sharing your value and your story easier. Get more out of the meetings you attend. Strengthen your relationship with your manager or client every single time you interact.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to reduce negative self-talk to encourage more self promotion
  • Show that you are a point person – show that you can lead!
  • Engage a very high-profile stakeholder in a conversation

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