Paul Cook sprouted up in the midwest city of St. Louis, MO to a family of dedicated tennis players. With wonderful loving parents, he had every advantage of great schooling, sports, leadership and family warmth. In college, competitive tennis and lacrosse kept him busy. But after graduation mental illness and the disease of addiction began to "cancel out all the blessings God had given me," said Cook. "When that is happening you totally lose yourself. Many go even further into dispair and confusion than life can take." Eventually, Paul would find the miracle of recovery and with it, an insatiable hunger to find out everything possible about the brain and addiction.

As a speaker, author and Radio and TV broadcaster in St. Louis, his enlightening teachings are born of experience and service. Paul is here to tell the truth about modern addiction and recovery.

This father of two young girls and husband to Jennifer, is on a mission to fight the stigma of addiction by showing people the truth about what causes substance abuse in the brain. "Millions could be saved if they knew the actual cause of addiction, which is not a symptom of low morals and poor personal responsibility. It's not being taught correctly and that's why most programs don't work. Let's get together and talk about what does!"

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Arm Your Child To Be Drug-Free

Paul Cook

Become aware of the dangerous obstacle course your kids are facing in this world of modern substance experimentation. Learn how to give your kids the skills and security to stay drug-free and know you’ve done all you can as a parent. Vital truths about how substance abuse begins for preteens.

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