Brett Judd has been training and coaching since 1996. His programs include Unlock Your Millionaire Mind, Neural Effective Communication and Leadership, and Relationship Focused Business Success.

Because of the serious ratio of entrepreneurial marriage failure and the lack of understanding about how to create real powerful relationships that actually increase the ROI in the boardroom AND the bedroom, Brett and his wife Gina created Marriages Worth Millions to train professionals in the art of building relationships that last.

Mindset matters in success and what you have locked onto about your potential, the potential and worth of those around you, and the value of your prospects will make a major impact into your success. Brett has been transforming mindset with his clients and organizations for years and creates custom programs to meet the needs of the staff and community his clients serve.

Brett has spoken to small groups and large conferences. His programs are able to be change the nature of your office culture and workgroups. When your leadership learns the ARE model and to use Neural Effective language, they are better managers and staff respond with better performance.

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ARE you there for them?

Brett Judd

In this 60 minute keynote style presentation Brett teaches the power of relationships and the 3 keys to creating powerful, rewarding, and profitable relationships.

All business is relationship–marketing, sales, management, and HR is all about relationships. The better you understand how to say “We ARE there for you,” the better you will be at making your customers, prospects, and staff more devoted to you.

Scientific research into what makes relationships work has identified the foundation to creating and sustaining strong relationships and this program will outline the foundation of that research. When you are accessible, responsive, and engaged you are able to make relationships that will profit you.

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