Jeff Tobe is a Certified Speaking Professional with impressive credentials. Insider Magazine dubbed him “The Guru of Creativity” and meeting planners chose him as one of the top 50 speakers in the world (on a list that included Bill Clinton, Daniel Pink and Anderson Cooper) in a Meetings and Conventions poll in September of 2015. Jeff is a creativity and customer experience expert, professional speaker and bestselling author who works with companies and organizations who want to increase their bottom line by changing their customer experience and retaining great talent. Tobe founded Coloring Outside the Lines in 1994 and since then has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to ones with less than 20 employees including Microsoft, PepsiCo, PNC Bank, State Farm Insurance and many more! His articles have been read in hundreds of publications and he is the author of the hugely popular book, "Coloring Outside The Lines." He is the co-author of three other books and his newest book, "ANTICIPATE: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do" is quickly becoming one of the hottest business books on the market. Jeff Tobe's most requested programs focus on CREATIVITY/INNOVATION, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. His high-energy, high-fun and high-content programs create the ideal presentation for any kind of corporate or educational forum. 

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ANTICIPATE: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do!

Jeff Tobe

In this acclaimed presentation, Jeff challenges you to give yourself the ‘competitive edge’ for which we all strive by preparing an organization for ‘THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.’

To be effective in today’s marketplace, one must step beyond customer SERVICE and begin to consider the EXPERIENCE our customer/client/patient has with the organization. The first step is to shatter the stereotype of the experience they expect to have. Next, we have to systematically create, be aware of, and execute the perfect EXPERIENCE each and every time. Participants learn the steps required to ensure that their whole team is involved in engaging THEIR customer. They also learn how to implement the experience for the internal customer as well.

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