Roger is a startup enthusiast, startup community creator and is General Partner at Terra Nova Venture Partners, a firm that provides startup teams with the resources they require to thrive. As Startup Ambassador with the Canadian startup community, he is active in connecting North American & European startups with partners and markets. His own tech company, Versus Technologies, creates and deploys IPTV Solutions for telecommunications companies. His specialities are startups, IPTV, virtual/augmented reality, hardware, software, app development, sport & media. In addition to an enviable international network of colleagues, partners, mentors and clients, he has on-the-ground business experience in Canada, the US, Ireland, France, the UK, Greece and the Caribbean region.
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Advisory Round: Key Steps for Startups

Roger Power

The enthusiasm in creating a brand new service or product is a great feeling and is an exciting time in the life of the startup. We continue with this momentum and explore how to commercialize, get funding, secure partners and most importantly, attract customers.

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