David uncovers hidden revenue opportunities by identifying new relationships and leveraging existing ones into partnerships that result in new business opportunities. A professional manager and skilled presenter, David clearly transfers his knowledge to others. His ability to breakdown complex environments into easily implemented solutions creates win-win situations for companies, clients and employees. His leadership style is successful in small companies and large corporations. David was one of the first employees of a software company that he helped grow to over 130 million in sales and over 100 employees. He helped transition the company through a round of venture capital investment and align it for its ultimate sale. He has lived through the growth pains and sense of urgency that business owners and managers live with daily. David held various positions at the following companies; Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., SmartPros LTD., Right Management Consultants, UBS, Corporate Management Solutions (now operating as Solium), and Marriott International, where some of his clients included Intel, Disney, Annheiseur-Bush, UBS, Hewlett Packard, United Technologies, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Aetna, Verizon, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, and Fidelity Investments.

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30 Online Marketing Tips Tricks & Hacks

David Jarcho

Everybody is online these days. However, there is a difference between being online and successfully conducting business online. A successful online presence begins with a strategy, defines success upfront and goes beyond just having a website. This workshop is chock full of advice and quick fixes that attendees can take back to their office and implement right away.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn;

a. How to reach more customers through strategic online marketing.

b. How to improve their company’s online presence.

c. How to increase brand awareness and build loyalty.

d. How to get found online.

e. How to generate high quality leads online.

what you get

  • Last up to one hour
  • Allow for up to 200 connections into the Cast (a connection is a login from a unique location)
  • Include the two-way video experience (including interactive HD streaming video and audio) and dedicated support