L’oreal Case Study

Paris USA.

2019 Commercial
Conference in NYC
and more.

November 2019

For their 2019 Commercial Conference
in New York City, L’Oreal wanted to
add a “wow factor” component that
no one had seen before.
When they saw a demo of Geniecast’s Augmented Placement in Real-Time
(APiR) technology at an event, they were immediately intrigued and
approached Geniecast about adding an APiR experience to their event.
After establishing a relationship, L’Oreal realized that
Geniecast’s leadership in the live, interactive video space
and extensive roster of Genies meant they could help
with more than one segment of the conference.
What is L’Oreal?
The world’s largest cosmetics company.
50+ brands
around the world.
€26.9 billion
in 2018 sales.
employees in 130 countries.
Curated Genies
for L’Oreal
Retail, Marketing,
Leadership, Motivation
Genies chosen
by client
New York City, NY
Boise, ID
Jim Donald
CEO Albertsons;
former CEO Starbucks
Melissa Gonzalez
Retail and marketing expert,
Nikki Baird
Retail expert; Managing
Partner at Retail Systems
J.R. Martinez
Motivational Keynote
1 Event. 4 Genies. 3 Locations.
Hybrid event allows Genies to be there from across the country.
Geniecast Experience Results
Handled by Geniecast 100%
Logistics, Run of Show, and Production.
Live and Interactive:
Post-Production Reactions:
Audience Survey: Highest Speaker Rating
4.98 out of 5 (J.R. Martinez)
Audience Survey: Most Responses
133 out of 760 total
(Jim Donald and Nikki Baird)
Genie Testimonial: Jim Donald
“I’m a CEO. I’m not a speaker. But I gotta tell you
something: in the busy life that I lead, having this
technology is unbelievable.
It’s unbelievable for me to give back to customers of ours or to corporations that
want to hear what we have to talk about as leaders…but for companies, it’s priceless.
I couldn’t make New York. I thought I had some great information on e-commerce to
share with L’Oreal, and I did. The future’s now with technology.”

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