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Superior Sales in 60 Days


In order to produce recognizable improvement in sales, companies need to provide their salesforce with a unifying approach to lead generation and client conversation. With this top-down solution, our Genies work with executives, managers, and sales representatives to develop a leadership strategy that guarantees salesforce engagement, understanding, and preparation to provide value to any interested client. Through building team dynamics and focusing on the nuanced relationship between the client and the sales representative, these programs will provide a multi-pronged approach for any Sales department. With the option to add an additional program, customize the information more specifically to the goals of your team.


In this personalized coaching package, learn how to:

  • Create a Sales-Driven Culture
  • Build an Effective Prospecting System
  • Overcome Objections

what you get

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support
  • Registration, attendee management, and reporting


  • PHASE 1: How to Create a Sales-Driven Culture - Designed for the C-Suite and managers, this phase will teach leaders how to create a sales-driven culture in any organization.
  • PHASE 2: Cultivate Driven Teams - Built for managers, this cast will provide upper management with the 7 things their teams need to hear.
  • PHASE 3: Prospecting and Closing Sales - Key takeaways include: the importance of individualized, effective prospecting, how to best spend your time and energy prospecting online, the importance of trust and worries about conclusive objections on a sales call.
  • PHASE 4: Team Productivity - Productivity Strategist Cynthia Kyriazis will meet with your team to discuss what can be done to bolster productivity and improve outcomes.
  • PHASE 5: Customer Experience - This cast will focus on both online and offline customer service and how it ties into effective sales growth.