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Innovation And Creativity


In this day and age, innovation is key. The competitive advantage comes through a corporate culture entrenched in creativity and the desire to improve current processes. Due to the longstanding structures of more established corporations, developing and maintaining an atmosphere of open discussion is more difficult than in a newer startup space. But how can you infuse a similar creative energy into your team’s innovation development?

Learn how Geniecast’s LiveLabs: Innovation And Creativity can prepare your company for long-term success.


  • Disrupt yourself
  • Build a culture of collaboration
  • Manage talents

what you get

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support
  • Registration, attendee management, and reporting


  • Think Outside The Box - Turn ideas into ground-breaking solutions and learn the three things that are impeding innovation in your organization.
  • Personal Disruption - Drive corporate innovation through personal disruption and create a value-based strategy for yourself and your company.
  • Managing Creativity - Encourage your team to think creatively without fear of making mistakes and connect them with the value of innovation.
  • Collaboration, Partnership, And The Importance Of An Open Brainstorm - Build community to ensure constructive conversation and create a collaborative space in your office.
  • Consultation - Do you feel that your company is not innovative enough? Maybe you are part of a team that struggles to be creative? Maybe you want to increase the quantity and quality of your own ideas? This is your opportunity to meet with Dr. Yoram Solomon—a world-class thought leader on innovation and creativity — one-on-one, to get a private consultation on any of those issues, using his I5 framework (Innovation = Introspection + Intervention + Ideation + Implementation). This Cast will focus on you, and you only. It will not be a lecture, but rather a dialogue. The outcome would be specific actions that you could take tomorrow to improve whichever area or stage of innovation and creativity you would like to improve—in your company, team, or yourself.