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Human Resources: The New Rules For The Digital Age


In this age of digital progress, keeping up with constant innovation is key to success for any company. This applies to both the need for consistent reassessment of used technology and the creation of successful management structures in the workplace. Your business will become much more susceptible to necessary change, and your talent will excitedly engage in a constantly updating work environment.

Learn how Geniecast’s LiveLabs Human Resources: The New Rules for the Digital Age can prepare your HR team for success.


  • Form a lasting team
  • Empower employees
  • Build a next-generation enterprise

what you get

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support
  • Registration, attendee management, and reporting


  • Organization Of The Future - Build future-facing management models in your organization
  • Careers And Learning - Foster a career-development culture.
  • Talent Acquisition - Improve employee recruitment and retention.
  • The Employee Experience - Culture as business strategy: create the culture you want to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Performance Management - Bolster employee engagement through effective feedback.
  • Leadership Disrupted: Pushing The Boundaries - Knowledge you need to anticipate future trends.
  • Digital HR - Learn how to successfully become a digital enterprise.
  • People Analytics - Use data to guarantee engagement.
  • Leadership Disrupted: Pushing the Boundaries - Create a better daily experience for all.
  • Digital HR - Stay on top of potentially advantageous tech innovations.