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Future-Facing Marketing


Visibility is one aspect of marketing that won’t change—regardless of the year. Marketing before and after a digital transformation revolves around how customers see your business. Focus is crucial—and that can be a challenge. The bigger the business, the more diverse the customer base. While data is making it easier to target consumers, it’s a massive undertaking to discern valuable information from the volume of data available. How do you stay focused, create conversations, and increase conversions? It’s a big question, but paying attention to what’s on the horizon can offer insights. This LiveLab highlights 10 predictive trends for the 2017 year in marketing.

Learn how Geniecast’s LiveLabs: Future-Facing Marketing can prepare your company for long-term success.


  • Embrace video disruption
  • Incorporate live streaming
  • Develop VR content

what you get

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support
  • Registration, attendee management, and reporting


  • Video: Live Streaming, Growth Of Video - Embrace video disruption and begin to think and act like media companies. Learn how to incorporate live streaming into a marketing campaign.
  • Content: VR, AI, Storytelling - Develop strong virtual reality content
  • Data: Personalization, Data Strategy - Make sense of the complicated and confusing MarTech landscape.
  • Mobile First/Mobile Only - Develop complex integrated marketing and business development programs.
  • Paid Promotion: Influence Marketing - Appreciate the ROI value of influencer marketing.
  • Automation: Bots, AI, and Machine Learning - Understand the impact of robotics and automation on the business world.
  • Customer Experience: Online and Offline - Ensure your company can differentiate itself in a sea of competitors.
  • Social Media Content Marketing Success - Develop a proven path to social media success.