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Geniecast's customized education packages, LiveLabs, use two-way video to make coaching sessions with experts accessible and relevant. Your team can now connect LIVE with the top minds in sales, technology, global leadership and more, anywhere and anytime. All Geniecast LiveLabs include a premium production services package that includes dedicated account managementtechnical supportregistration,attendee management and reporting.
  • A Measured Approach To Millennials

    Build an inclusive culture for the generations and learn how to crack the Millennial code, empower employees, and bridge generational gaps with Geniecast LiveLabs: A Measured Approach To Millennials.

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  • Enhancing Customer Experience For Loyalty And Advocacy

    Build a customer-centric culture in your organization and learn how to develop effective communication, create a customer care program, and unleash customer service magic with Geniecast LiveLabs: Enhancing Customer Experience For Loyalty And Advocacy.

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  • Franchisee Happiness

    Deliver franchisee happiness and learn how to create an optimistic workplace, encourage a culture of buy-in, and manage stress with Geniecast LiveLabs: Franchisee Happiness.

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  • Future-Facing Marketing

    Future-proof your marketing and learn how to embrace video disruption, create VR content, and elevate your brand with Geniecast LiveLabs: Future-Facing Marketing.

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  • Human Resources: The New Rules For The Digital Age

    Learn how to build a lasting team, empower employees, and build a next-generation enterprise with Geniecast LiveLabs: Human Resources – The New Rules For The Digital Age.

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  • Innovation And Creativity

    Learn how to disrupt yourself, build a culture of innovation, and inspire creativity with Geniecast LiveLabs: Innovation and Creativity.

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  • Leadership: Efficiency and Adaptability

    Lead effectively and learn how to create high-performing teams, embrace the latest leadership trends, and begin to lead with true purpose with Geniecast LiveLabs: Leadership – Efficiency and Adaptability.

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  • Mindful Leadership In Associations

    Learn how to keep up with technology, innovate your business model, and create a thriving community in your association with Geniecast LiveLabs: Mindful Leadership In Associations.

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  • Superior Sales in 60 Days

    Learn how to create a sales-driven culture in your organization with Geniecast LiveLabs: Superior Sales in 60 Days.

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  • The Future Of Financial Services

    Future-proof your company and learn how to utilize AI in business, recognize and remedy cybersecurity issues, and prepare for disruptive technologies with Geniecast LiveLabs: Future Of Financial Services.

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  • Women In Business

    Train your team, department, or company on how to empower female employees, leverage gender diversity, and attract and retain top talent with Geniecast LiveLabs: Women In Business.

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A Measured Approach To Millennials

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A Measured Approach To Millennials


By 2020, nearly half (46 percent) of all U.S. workers will be Millennials. That’s a huge impact in the workplace, so how can you reevaluate current business practices to harness the perspective and values of Gen Y? With this bundle, you will meet with many experts to discuss bridging the gap between generations in the workplace, how to specifically cater to the skills and interests of the Millennial workers, and how to maintain an open line of communication between senior leadership and Millennial talent.

Learn how Geniecast’s LiveLabs: A Measured Approach to Millennials can educate and motivate team members of all generations.


  • Crack the Millennial code
  • Empower employees
  • Bridge generational gaps

what you get

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support
  • Registration, attendee management, and reporting


  • Prepare For Millennials – Gain a greater understanding of the differences and similarities that define every generation and create an action plan for integration, acceptance, and team performance.
  • Learn To Manage Millennials – Better understand your management style and learn tips for building positive working relationships.
  • Prepare For Success – Teach Millennials how to improve communication, develop their personal brands, and integrate their professional motivations with the goals of the organization.