Scaling their
Education Program
for future growth.

Project Summary.

Keeley Companies was growing at a
fast rate in size from year to year and
wanted a way to improve/scale their
education programs.

Geniecast was able to facilitate all steps necessary to make this possible for
their company. An increase in attendees/viewers was noticed from the
convenience factor of the programs provided by Geniecast. Their employees
not only watched from offices but in the field as well. As a result the
number of casts held with Geniecast nearly doubled in the next year.

Project Highlights.


nationwide growth year over
year for Keeley Companies.

Seeking to scale improve their virtual
training and education offerings.

Wanted better videos quality and
ability to record presentations.

True interactive content nationwide.

Services Provided.

Calendar Management.
Landing Pages.




Thanks to Geniecast, Keeley
team members are now able to
watch casts from trucks in the
field to catch up on missed

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