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-Designing Virtual Events
-Engineering Digital Conversations
-Connecting Global Teams

Events and Meetings are Going Virtual.

Be the hero. Create Experiences That Amaze and Delight. 

The Problem.

Programs that have been scheduled for months are getting cancelled. Planners believe that "going virtual" is difficult. Many simply don't know where to start.

The Solution.

Geniecast can re-concept physical events in hours – not days. Our approach allows us to go virtual with no changes to speakers, breakouts, or agendas.

What To Do.

Geniecast's ability to concept and execute quickly has has allowed us to help companies around the world create compelling experiences.

There's a time to DIY your communications, and a time to execute a polished and professional event. Geniecast is the expert in creating a lasting, impactful virtual experience.

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Make the Connection.

We've built a community of Genies where you can interact, find out what's happening, and hear other's stories. It's called the Genie's Lamp, and we're opening it for everyone. It's on LinkedIn, and all you have to do is click the lamp to request permission to enter.

Share the Information.

We do this all the time. It's who we are. Here are a few of the stories where we've brought our magic to make an event thrive.

Live. In China. In 3-D.

A professional organization wanted to fly in one of THE tech stars of the last 30 years to speak at a convention in China. He wasn't traveling. At all. When negotiations fell apart, Geniecast stepped in. Instead of just a virtual appearance at the event, he appeared live on stage in 3-D - the product of Geniecast's APiR™ technology.

36 Hours to Change Lives

A company, at the last minute, decided it wanted to connect six offices with its headquarters to make a major announcement. A simple conference call seemed underwhelming (and logistically challenging). With 36 hours notice, Geniecast provided a live, virtual, interactive experience for all the offices - at the same time - so they were able to hear the news, ask questions, have conversations, and collectively celebrate some life-changing news.

A Celebrity on Wall Street

A major financial services company whose keynote – timed to coincide with the ringing of a certain Wall Street bell – fell apart at the last minute. With 20 hours notice, Geniecast beamed in a worldwide luminary – not only saving the day, but creating an unexpected level of interaction with the audience (no messy crowds, security, or tight spaces).

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Provide your information and we'll contact you or call 877-77-GENIE to speak to a Cast specialist.