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Mj Callaway

Mj Callaway is president of Rock More Sales, a Pittsburgh-based sales training and coaching company. As a professional speaker, she works with business leaders and sales teams to implement strategic modifications in their sales systems to boost profits. Callaway specializes in increasing revenue through retaining more sales.

Callaway's career started in sales with a well-known franchise. She continued that path, working with a Top Ten Healthcare System, a renowned museum and the largest custom home builder where she transformed a struggling region into one of the fastest growing areas. She produced more than $14 million dollars a year in front-end contracts during the housing bubble.

During her last corporate position, Callaway led the double-life as both a sales consultant, tripling her sales quota, and a trainer preparing new hires. Mj became known as the "clean-up crew" by turning around Corporate Executives' contracts which were heading south and closing them. Intrigued that she captured contracts and revenue that otherwise would be lost, she developed clear-cut techniques for identifying the "why." With this formula, she assists business leaders in applying these revenue-increasing strategies into their systems.

Callaway has presented workshops at national conferences, such as the American Heart Association and major corporations such as Viacom. Three of Callaway's seven books hit best-selling status. Her current book, Sales Success Roadmap, launched in Feb. 2016