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Steven Blustein

Steven Blustein is the CEO of PrideBites Pet Products, the only company that allows you to easily design, customize, and buy one-of-a-kind pet products. PrideBites is driven by a unique manufacturing platform for customizable short-run (e.g., 1 piece) production, and is supported by an outstanding infrastructure/team in China to control suppliers. PrideBites has been the recipient of multiple best product of the year awards and is loved by dogs all over the world. Blustein graduated from the University of Kansas with his Masters in Tax, and was born and raised in Houston, TX.

Steven is a highly motivated individual that can inspire any type of crowd. His 'can do attitude' provides a helpful perspective for anyone looking to unleash their full potential. He is knowledgeable on topics such as building a business from your college apartment, leadership, running and operating a successful e-commerce business, maintaining highly effective systems for operations, and creating efficiency and transparency within manufacturing systems.

PrideBites™ is the only place where you can easily use your pup's name and picture to make one-of-a-kind products for your one-of-a-kind pooch.

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