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Leslie Amerman

Like you, organizational health expert and coach Leslie Amerman has seen, and even worked in, teams and organizations that could be labeled "unhealthy". So, what constitutes "unhealthy"? How can these teams and organizations be brought back to health? How does this affect the individual contributor in the organization: the employee, manager, executive leadership? More importantly, how does this state affect the overall success of the company, the ability for the company to grow, and the bottom line?

Having been in the workforce over 30 years, Leslie created Dynamic Interactions in 2008 as a resource to teams and organizations seeking to become "healthy". She applies her speaking, facilitation, coaching and most importantly her real-life, in-the-trenches business experience to guiding her client's organizations to defining and applying qualities and practices today that lead to sustained future performance.

Leslie appreciates and shows clients how to benefit from a healthy organization as defined by one in which the culture promotes trust, openness, engagement, and enables continuous learning and improvement thus supporting organizational improvement AND employee well-being. Leslie also provides training and consulting in the area of Conscious Leadership, Building a Conscious Culture, and Manifesting Purpose. She is a certified Coach, a Master Facilitator, and founder of Conscious Capitalism - Houston Chapter.